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The healing arts are creative practices that promote healing, wellness, coping and personal change. Traditional healing arts include music, art, dance/movement, poetry/writing, and drama therapies.

Yoga Practice

The healing arts are also known as expressive therapies. There are many different types of expressive therapies, including art therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, poetry therapy, and writing therapy. Expressive therapies are an effective way to promote healing because they are concerned with the creative expression of thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Expressive therapies are based on the principles of Universal Law. They are effective because they deal with the energy of our being, which is eternal and unchanging.

Are you feeling depressed, anxious, angry, hopeless, helpless, powerless, scared, ashamed of yourself, alone, isolated, or alienated from others or the world around you?
Expressive therapies can help you increase your self-awareness and see the connection between your feelings, thoughts, and actions so you can learn to express your feelings, thoughts and emotions through the arts and find a way to have more energy and enthusiasm for life.




Misha Krymov


With Alejandro, I'm learning to open and use my energy through voice. Alejandro is a thoughtful, experienced, magical teacher. He helped me discover new sources of energy and ways of using that are already changing my life. Any communication, especially professional communication, has become more powerful and meaningful thanks to our classes. These discoveries have already caused a profound change in me that is unfolding every day, steering my life on a more rewarding path. I see that our classes have made me stronger, more confident, and clearer to others. The honest feedback, easy to grasp tools, and effective practices that Alejandro generously shares are an invaluable find for anyone on a journey of growth looking for ways to express, focus and direct their energy to the outside world.   



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